We Bought the House...For Our Dog!

Posted by Kylie Thompson on Feb 5, 2018 4:03:07 PM

 The final elements to our mortgage journey occurred in just ten days. On a Sunday evening, we placed an offer on the house we fell in love with after viewing eight homes. From that moment, the process moved quicker than we anticipated. Here’s how it all fell into place…  


Sunday Evening: With the help of our realtor, we placed an offer on the home. Keep in mind the home had been on the market for two days at this point.

Sunday Evening (1 Hour Later): Our realtor gave us the good news that our offer had been accepted and we were able to move forward with next steps.

Tuesday Afternoon: We brought in an inspector to the home and after a few hours learned that the house was in great shape. He confirmed that almost everything “big” in the home was just two years old… the roof, the AC unit, the windows, the furnace… almost everything!

Let me pause at this moment and say that once the inspector gave us a good report, we felt at ease, but we were still so steadfast in protecting our emotions. We still didn’t tell anyone, and we were holding our breath just “in case” something went wrong. But without fault, each step proved to be as smooth as butter and we allowed ourselves to feel more and more excited.

The Next Wednesday: The home was appraised for exactly what we had hoped. The appraiser commented that he loved the house which made us feel extra excited.

Same Day (Wednesday): ChoiceOne Bank gave us the “clear to close,” which meant we were given the green light to schedule our closing where the house officially became ours.  

Ten days is all it took for ChoiceOne Bank from the day we placed the offer. This is overwhelmingly fast, but we were ready. Our seller was so shocked by the speed of the process that she told us she needed a few extra days to move out (understandably)! While I understand this isn’t the case for everyone, this was our experience and we were very pleased.

We ended up closing on the house the week after Thanksgiving, and received the keys to the house the second week of December. As first-time home buyers, the process truly felt like a walk in the park but that is because there was a team of underwriters at ChoiceOne Bank, our realtor, our mortgage lender, the inspectors, appraisers, closers, and our families who helped us move. It took a village and we couldn’t have completed this journey without each of them. But the truth of the matter is – this process wouldn't have been as smooth and as quick if we hadn't gotten the pre-approval first. 

Looking back… one day we were in our downtown apartment not even thinking about owning a home, and two months later we purchased one, moved in, and began making it feel like “ours.” Oakley is loving his fenced in yard and we are marveling at the creation of a sliding glass door that allows us to let him in and out as much as he wants…without having to get dressed and ride an elevator!

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