The Ultimate Moving Checklist: Make Any Move Easy

Posted by Gary Hall on May 1, 2018 10:39:06 AM
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The Ultimate Moving Checklist: Make Any Move Easy

The ultimate moving checklist starts with being proactive. Planning is key to making your move relatively stress free, whether you are a pro or a rookie at moving.  When getting ready to move you need to plan from start to finish. And to start —  you need a checklist. Taking the initiative to plan makes all the difference in making relocation as painless as possible, whether it’s across town, state or nation.

At the very least you will want to include in your initial checklist:

  • Walk through every room; decide what to take and what to leave
  • Create areas for resale, recycle, yard sale, donate, trash
  • Begin packing things in boxes that you don’t use everyday
  • Research moving companies to determine which one to hire
  • Purchase or gather packing and moving supplies
  • Contact your kid’s school, if applicable, to get school records
  • Contact your doctors to get copies of medical records
  • Contact insurance companies/agents to determine insurance changes

These items can be your starting point in the development of your more detailed checklist and expanded as follows:

One Month Prior to Your Move:

  1. Complete change of address form – you can do this at the post office or online at
  2. Hire a moving company
  3. Create a floor plan for movers to place items in new home
  4. Create a list of your furniture to be moved
  5. Keep packing boxes of things you don’t use daily so it’s not overwhelming
  6. Hire a professional cleaning service if you will not have time moving day to clean your home

 Two Weeks Prior to Your Move:

  1. Update addresses on your bank accounts, credit card, and any other accounts you have. The post office will forward your mail, but you will need to go online and change these addresses for proper verification
  2. Contact your insurance provider about coverages
  3. Research auto and driver license requirements for new location
  4. Contact utility companies to stop/start services
  5. Keep packing boxes of things you don’t use daily

 One Week Prior to Your Move:

  1. Use existing food items for meals, so there will be less to move
  2. Confirm move time and date with anyone helping you move
  3. Pack vital paperwork in one container and keep with you
  4. Have all boxes packed, clothes in garment bags and boxes – anything not needed for the next week

 The Day Before Your Move:

  1. Clean your refrigerator
  2. Clean your stove
  3. Ensure you have payment for your mover set aside
  4. Keep food prep simple, pack a cooler with drinks for moving day
  5. Make sure all the keys to your former house are together

Moving Day:

  1. Remove and pack your bedding
  2. Provide movers with all essential new location information
  3. After movers have left old house, ensure everything is moved -- check all closet shelves, built in drawers and cupboards – you might need a step ladder
  4. Complete any necessary cleaning of your former residence
  5. Lock doors/windows to your former home when leaving final time
  6. Make sure to leave keys and garage door openers

Welcome to Your New Home

  1. Consider having new door locks installed
  2. Install temporary window coverings as needed
  3. Check the alarm system: smoke, carbon and fire extinguishers
  4. Clean kitchen and bathrooms
  5. Set up beds
  6. Begin to unpack and make a new home…

 Get settled in and after a few days when you’ve had time to get comfortable with your new surroundings, explore the area that you will now call home. Welcome Home!

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