Keeping Business Active

Posted by Kylie Thompson on Apr 13, 2020 11:48:46 AM

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is impacting all of us and keeping up with the ever-changing information can be intimidating. Navigating the current economic climate may seem daunting but there are things you can do to support your business, as well as others. Now more than ever, transparency and authenticity is key in your communication to your employees and customers. 


Maintain Frequent Communication

Now more than ever, frequent updates and open communication are very important. Utilize social media, email, phone, and text to keep people updated. Let the public know what you are doing to protect your employees, and you customers against COVID-19. Maintain a clean and safe environment and communicate it openly. Share stories on Instagram, post signage to your door, send email or text updates, etc.


Provide Door-Dash or Delivery

Giving people the ability to order and pay online or over the phone is going to be so important for your business in these uncertain times. Be flexible and allow customers to pay and order easily. This allows them to have delivery with no contact, or door-dash/drive-up service which protects your employees and your customers. If you’re providing these services, promote promote promote. You cannot over-communicate in this time.


Change Your Social Media Strategy

This is an opportunity to explore new ways of communicating that perhaps you never have. Utilize your Instagram stories to share behind the scenes, videos directly from the owner of the company, tips and tricks from your team, etc. Post videos highlighting your door-dash or delivery service. Engage with other small businesses by having a #smallbusinesssunday where you tag your favorite local businesses and give them a good review. Host a Facebook-Live that shows people how you make one of your favorite recipes. Use email updates and text messages to tell your customers what your businesses is doing not only to serve the community in this time, but also to protect your customers and employees from COVID-19.


Think Differently

Now that people are home more than ever before, it’s important to find unique ways to generate income and stay relevant to the community. If you’re a dentist office that had to stay closed; host live stories or Facebook-live to provide clean hygiene tips and tricks that you’ve never shared before. If you’re a hair-stylist who isn’t able to work, host $10 skype sessions where wives can skype you while you give them advice on how to cut their husbands hair, if you’re a bakery that typically makes chocolate chip cookies, sell the cookie dough instead with door-dash or deliver services. If you’re a school, create ebooks, blogs, and resourceful emails for parents to help their kids stay active, healthy and educated.


In these uncertain times, people need connection, support, and open communication. We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe.