How Plinqit Helped Me Save for NYC

Posted by Kylie Thompson on Oct 22, 2018 11:08:35 AM

When I set up my Plinqit account over a year ago, I had no idea how much I would enjoy saving money. I started my account with the goal to save for a trip to NYC with my husband. We had always wanted to go together and saving with Plinqit felt like the perfect way to accomplish this goal.  After increasing my withdrawal amount more and more, I quickly realized how easy savings money was. Once we saved for about 9 months for a trip to NYC, my husband and I were finally able to go!

IMG_6819-22-10-18-10-38It felt incredible to reach our goal and see how far we had come from when we started our account. We were able to cover the full cost of our trip with the savings we had reached. A few months before we left, we purchased the tickets and booked our Airbnb. Once we got there, of course the rest of the

Airbnb payment was due, and the rest of the money we had we used towards all the activities we had planned.

The 6-day vacation in Manhattan included visiting The Met, Broadway, China Town, Greenwich Village, Bryant Park, and more! It felt like a fun accomplishment to see our Plinqit goal come to life with our trip.


Saving money for a trip to NYC was incredibly easy because of Plinqit. My savings were out of sight and out of mind all while reaching my goal and saving at the speed I wanted it to. This allowed me to know 100% how much money we’d have by August 2018 so that we could get ready for our trip. Knowing that we would have the savings we needed, I had more time to spend actually planning our trip.

Now that our trip is over, I’m going to start a new goal with Plinqit… even though I’m not exactly sure what the goal will be yet. And that’s one of the best things about Plinqit. Even if you don’t know what you want to save for, it’s always always always helpful to have an extra savings account. I love using Plinqit as a fun way to save and I know you will to!

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Marketing Coordinator, Kylie Thompson enjoying her trip to New York City with the help of Plinqit.