How Plinqit Changed the Way I View Savings

Posted by Kylie Thompson on Jul 13, 2018 10:49:11 AM

The day I signed up for Plinqit, I was skeptical. It was fun to set up my goal, choose my timeline and reward; but I was skeptical about reaching my goal, or that it would feel like a pointless way to save money. I had no idea that within a few months, I would be HOOKED.


When I initially set up my account, I had the goal in mind that I would save for a trip to New York City (NYC). I had never been there but always wanted to go. I know that vacations cost a lot of money but because I was skeptical at this point, I had $5 withdrawing from my account once a week. That means I would have saved only $260 in one whole year. It would take me years to save up for a trip to NYC but still I was skeptical, so I left it at $5 a week.

After I set up my account, I went on with my daily life and quickly had this realizing. I finally realized… NOTHING. I didn’t think a thing about the money, or the account. It was amazing. I was living my life and not feeling distracted by this new savings application. I also wasn’t missing the $5 a week so I decided to increase the withdrawal amount to $20 a week. This would get me much closer to my goal of going to NYC within a year.

This is probably the part of the story where you think, “Okay she saved $20 a week and the rest is history and she eventually goes to NYC” …not exactly. Using Plinqit began to shift the way I looked at saving money. My husband and I have always had multiple savings accounts for various “emergencies”, home related needs, or health issues that could come up. As we continued to use Plinqit and love it, we started looking at Plinqit as our vacation savings account. It felt like the first FUN savings account I had ever had. And of all the things I could think to save my money for in a fun way, vacations made sense.


After my perspective shifted, I increased my withdrawal amount to $60 each week. I was getting so excited seeing the withdrawal amount increase and the overall savings amount increase each week and I found a number that I was comfortable with.

Because we were able to save so much, we decided to use Plinqit to go to NYC this year, and hopefully Europe next year. It’s a lofty goal but Plinqit has allowed me to look at savings in a more fun way.

Instead of passively saving money each month with our bank accounts, we look forward to being more involved in our savings by monitoring it weekly and being reminded more frequently of our goals. I’m able to either set Plinqit aside and forget about it for a while, OR spend my time watching the savings increase and being motivated to stick to my goal so that we can go on our trips.

For now, part of our trip to NYC is booked, and we can’t wait to see how saving continues to go!