First Time Home Buyer Tips: Reducing Stress

Posted by Gary Hall on Jun 20, 2017 9:55:00 AM
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Ever hear the 3 tips when shopping for real estate? Location, location, location? 
Well here are three tips to reduce stress when shopping for a new home. Education, education, education! Shopping for your first home and applying for your first mortgage can feel overwhelming and cause a lot of stress. Learning all you can upfront will definitely help relieve much of your stress.


Get Pre-approved with ChoiceOne Bank

When you get pre-approved with ChoiceOne Bank you begin to learn the mortgage process, learn about your credit score, learn about rates and costs, and find a friend to guide you through the entire process…even help you breathe and hold your hand if necessary.


Find a Realtor that You Trust

Working with a Realtor who understands the current market conditions, knows the neighborhoods where you’d like to live, and can negotiate the best deal for you will go a long way in reducing your stress. Feel free to interview several Realtors and ask friends and family for recommendations.


Your Finances – Now and Then

Create a new budget. Make sure you examine your monthly expenses so you know what to expect and feel comfortable with your new mortgage payment, insurance, taxes, and utilities. It’s also wise to consider move-in costs, redecorating expenses and money to set aside for regular home maintenance.

Every Day Stress Relief

And when all else fails, remember these three everyday-stress-relieving tips that are simple and you can do anywhere! Even when getting pre-qualified!

1. Breathe.

Sometimes we simply forget to breath when we are under stress. Take deep, cleansing breaths.

2. Meditate.

Make this a regular practice even if you just take a few minutes per day.

3. Mindful.

Slow down and concentrate on where you are and how you are feeling in present moment.

How ChoiceOne Bank Can Help


At ChoiceOne Bank, we want you to feel confident and educated when making financial decisions. We’ll help you apply right from the start letting you know where to begin, what information you’ll need, and what to expect after you have completed your application. We work with you from start to finish and will provide all the education you need to reduce your stress…we’ll even help you to remember to breathe.

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