Finding the Right Partners Makes all the Difference

Posted by Gary Lutz on Apr 9, 2018 11:45:24 AM

IT Resource - ChoiceOne Bank Award Photo - 03-01-2018

From left: Gayla Lutz, Director of Business Management, IT Resource, Inc. Patricia Brown, Regional Manager and CRA Officer, ChoiceOne Bank. Molly Reid, Senior Account Executive, IT Resource, Inc. and Gary Lutz, President and Senior Partner, IT Resource, Inc. 

In some ways, I feel my career was pre-determined when my high school guidance counselor suggested I consider entering the Computer Information Systems program at Ferris State College.  Yes, they had computers in the 80’s and yes, Ferris State was a College, not a University.   Not knowing what else I might do, my answer was quick and short.  “Sure – sounds good.”

Those three words started my career path that is all about technology, but in my case, all about using technology to solve business problems.  I found that working in collaboration with others and relying on the experience of experts in their areas always results in better technical solutions, which, in turn, creates a better business solution. 

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After more than a decade working in both the corporate world and for an IT consulting firm, I was ready to branch out and build my own IT services company. 

IT Resource - Gary Lutz and Leo Reap - 03-01-2018
Leo Reap and Gary Lutz

When starting IT Resource with Leo Reap in November of 2000, we decided early on that we were going to focus on what we do best – provide strategic IT technology services – and find trusted advisors and partners to help with the success of our business.  This strategy allows us to focus our attention on our customers and services while having our go-to partners helps us manage our business and its growth.  As our company grew, so did our needs from our partners.   As a partner of IT Resource, ChoiceOne Bank provides IT Resource with a sound financial foundation, just as we provide our customers with a solid technology foundation.

Working with ChoiceOne is precisely the type of partnership we strive for with our own customers – to be a trusted extension of their team.  There is nothing more important to our company than a solid financial services partner.   That is why, when we entered into the M&A market in 2016 to acquire a Florida-based firm, we knew we needed the right leadership and financial advice to make it happen.  As we continue to expand our Michigan and Florida-based operations into new markets, we will continually look to ChoiceOne’s financial leadership for our success. 

As a business owner I can offer this simple advice.  Focus on your own core business expertise and leave the rest to experts.   We are happy to have ChoiceOne Bank as our expert financial services partner.

IT Resource - Gary Lutz - 12-29-2016

Gary Lutz, President


Are you ready to expand or start your business like IT Resource did? 

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