ChoiceOne Bank Marks $1 Million in Digital Invoices with Autobooks

Posted by Kelly Potes on Aug 21, 2019 9:41:52 AM

ChoiceOne Bank is excited to announce a new milestone reached with Michigan-based fintech company Autobooks. Partnering with Autobooks since January 2018, ChoiceOne Bank has sent over $1 Million in digital invoices for small business clients throughout West Michigan. Autobooks is an intelligent, cloud-based, small business accounting platform that automatically integrates bank accounts with financial tools that speed cash flow, reconcile accounts, and accelerate growth.


“Before Autobooks, small business accounting was saturated with single purpose, expensive and complicated solutions,” said ChoiceOne Bank Chief Operating Officer Adom Greenland. “Autobooks introduced us to a simpler way to run a business, which our customers needed. Most of our clients operate their business from the field and need flexible solutions. Autobooks helps us become that one-stop digital destination for small business owners, supporting the backbone of our local economy.”

ChoiceOne Bank was the first financial institution to launch Autobooks. Having a reputation for taking the lead in innovative services, ChoiceOne offers customers the technology to make their business experience as easy and profitable as possible. Autobooks combines banking, invoicing, and accounting into a single platform so business customers can do everything they need – without the hassle and high costs – in one convenient and secure place during their online bank experience.

“Our partnership with ChoiceOne Bank has been exciting and rewarding,” said co-founder and CEO of Autobooks Steve Robert. “ChoiceOne was the first financial institution to offer Autobooks to their small business clients because they saw the tremendous benefits our software offered their clients like improving cash-flow. With Autobooks, small businesses can depend on ChoiceOne for back-office services that manage their finances, payments and accounting, all in one convenient place, accessible by desktop or on the go with mobile.”

Autobooks is the first fully integrated payments and accounting platform for small businesses that is delivered through ChoiceOne Bank’s online banking. It is exclusively designed for businesses to integrate banking, accounting, and invoicing easily and seamlessly. 

“Small business owners want to spend their valuable time growing their business, not doing accounting and invoicing,” said Greenland. “Autobooks, provided within our online banking, provides our customers advanced accounting and invoicing tools that save time and money.  Many small business customers have already replaced expensive software like QuickBooks with Autobooks and are thrilled with the service and integration. Nearly every customer that tries Autobooks has made the switch, the reception has been outstanding.”

If Autobooks is a good match for our business customers, ChoiceOne will offer it free of a monthly charge for 12 months so customers can try it risk free. Small business owners interested in Autobooks can call ChoiceOne at 888.775.6687 and learn more at

In addition to Autobooks, ChoiceOne has taken the lead in offering customers financial technology with mobile banking, mobile deposits, innovative payroll card solutions, online loan applications, online account openings and digital mobile savings with Plinqit – offered by another Michigan fintech company, HT Mobile Apps.

“As the local community bank, we work hard to support our customers as well as our entrepreneurs and small business owners,” said Greenland. “Pursuing innovative strategies by partnering with Michigan fintech companies allows us to offer our customers the best technology along with our personalized local service.  Autobooks is another innovative small business that fits with ChoiceOne’s personal, business and community goals. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership with Autobooks and a rewarding experience for our business customers.” 

About Autobooks

Detroit-based Autobooks is a provider of small business banking solutions that integrate within a financial institution’s digital experience. Through Autobooks, banks and credit unions can become a digital destination for business owners, helping build stronger relationships, grow deposits and identify opportunities to increase fee income. Please visit to learn more.