ChoiceOne Bank Expands Banking Channels, Includes Amazon Alexa

Posted by Tim Shangle on Feb 12, 2019 4:48:07 PM


ChoiceOne Bank’s continued expansion into digital financial services now includes Voice Bill Pay with Amazon Alexa. As consumers continue to seek multiple banking channels with digital payment capabilities at the forefront of an exceptional customer experience, ChoiceOne is committed to enhanced technology.

Using Alexa with the Voice Bill Pay service feature is a digital solution to paying bills. With added security features, consumers create a unique PIN so only they can access their Voice Bill Pay. Using a unique PIN prevents any unauthorized users from paying bills and keeps the Voice Bill Pay feature safe and secure.

“We are excited to introduce this new delivery channel to our market,” said ChoiceOne Bank Chief Operating Officer Adom Greenland. “We are constantly striving to enhance our banking technology. With Voice Bill Pay using Amazon Alexa, we are able to provide digital payment services that include an exceptional experience for customers who prefer this enhanced level of convenience.”

Alexa will allow ChoiceOne customers hands-free bill payments as well as reviews of upcoming payments. In addition, once payments are set up in Bill Pay, customers won’t need their laptops, tablets or smartphones to pay bill. They can just ask Alexa to pay bills. Home mortgages, auto, insurance, utilities and more all work with Voice Bill Pay.

This feature is enabled using the iPay QuickPay skill found in the Alexa App. For more information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) see:

“The financial industry is changing rapidly and so are the expectations of our customers,” said Greenland. “We are committed to innovation. Yet, we respect that our customers prefer many different banking channels from traditional to digital. We’re pretty geeked to provide this level of service and offer the delivery channels our customers desire today.”

ChoiceOne Bank has taken the lead in offering customers financial technology with mobile banking, mobile deposits, innovative invoice solutions using Autobooks, online loan applications, online account openings and a digital mobile savings tool using Plinqit. Voice Bill Pay will now offer a quick, easy and secure solution to managing everyday finances and accomplishing long-term financial goals.

In May, ChoiceOne Bank was honored as a finalist in the Startup Innovation category at the 2018 Best of FinXTech AwardsThe Startup Innovation category recognizes successful and innovative partnerships between banks and startup FinTech companies that have been operating for less than five years.

Since 2017, ChoiceOne has partnered with Michigan-based HTMA, an innovative FinTech company, serving banks across the country to offer Plinqit – a digital mobile savings tool. And ChoiceOne has partnered with Autobooks, a Michigan-based company with headquarters located in Detroit. Autobooks is the first fully integrated payments and accounting platform for small businesses that is delivered through ChoiceOne Bank’s online banking. It is exclusively designed for businesses to integrate banking, accounting, and invoicing easily and seamlessly.