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ChoiceOne Bank Continues Expansion into Grand Rapids On Market Street

Posted by Adom Greenland on Jan 19, 2018 9:08:35 AM

ChoiceOne Bank is pleased to announce the continued expansion of their community bank franchise into West Michigan with a full-service branch office on Market Avenue in downtown Grand Rapids.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Tips to Protecting Yourself Now

Posted by Adom Greenland on Oct 12, 2017 9:15:53 AM

At a time of year when we would all like to be thinking of autumn and all the abundance that this season brings, we need to be concerned with the profusion of breaches we have seen this year. Data security breaches are happening all the time, but 2017 has already become a noteworthy year for security breaches. Looking forward, there is every reason to believe these breaches will continue to increase. With October designated National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it’s a good time to take personal action.

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